What is MMS?

The Indiana University Maintenance Management System (MMS) is a centralized system providing work management, inventory, asset tracking, facility use, and accounting for Facility Operations, University Architects, and a variety of other departments across all IU campuses.

By centralizing these functions into one system, MMS streamlines management, accounting and reporting for the departments using the system, and, with its use across the entire IU system for the university as a whole. The use of MMS reduces paperwork, reduces the amount of unscheduled maintenance, improves work scheduling, improves reporting, and allows for on-line access to data.

The system was implemented in 1999, replacing a variety of non-centralized programs and databases. In 2009, the original MMS, known as Facility Focus, was updated to a new MMS, known as AiM. The new MMS allows the user to interface with the system from any computer, using any web browser.

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